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If our calculations are correct, this is an ad from back in 2006! Look at those baby faces!

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Recognize this Kingston Landmark?
This skinny triangle building was the first location of Frontenac Hearing Clinic! We’ve moved a few times since this first location, but our service and dedication to our clients has always been the same! Stay tuned for many more fun facts about our 25 year history!
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Our favourite fun facts are the personal ones.  We’ve had many clients ask about Rachael and if she had her baby.  We are so happy to announce she did!  Rachael had a healthy baby girl last week!

All of us at Frontenac Hearing Clinic want to congratulate Rachael, Mat, and big brother Theo on their new arrival!

Here is our recent article printed in Neighbours of Kingston Southwest magazine

How Loud is Too Loud?

We live in a loud world.  Traffic, vacuums, barking dogs and crowds, even the most mundane sounds can cause damage to our hearing if we’re exposed for long enough.  ‘Long enough’ might not be as long as you might expect.  The good news is, we can help prevent noise induced hearing loss by wearing hearing protection or moving ourselves away from the source of the noise.

Noise induced hearing loss occurs in our inner ear, where the tiny hair-like structures process the sound.  These structures can only handle so much intensity before they to breakdown. Around 85 dB is the level at which damage can start to occur with exposure. The level of sounds we hear every day range from whispers at 20-30 dB to sirens at around 120 dB.  Lawn mowers, live sporting events and even wearing earbuds are activities that most of us don’t think twice about; these activities are loud enough to cause permanent damage to our hearing with enough exposure. In 2015 the World Health Organization reported nearly 50 percent of teens and young adults ages 12-35 are exposed to unsafe levels of sound from their personal music players. Most earbuds have a top volume range of about 85 dB – 110 dB.  There are so many sounds in our noisy world that can cause damage, knowing a few of them will help get you started on the path to protecting your hearing.

We’ve put together a graphic to give you an idea of how loud some common sounds are and how much exposure you would need before potential damage occurs.  Keep in mind, there are some factors that will influence our exposure, like loud jobs and hobbies.  Since we are aware of these factors it makes it easier to prepare and protect ourselves.

Along with damage to our hearing, noise exposure can also cause tinnitus (ringing) in the ears.  Often presenting as a high-pitched sound heard in one or both ears, tinnitus can be temporary or permanent and can be very annoying.

Preparation and protection are key. Just as you would wear a hard hat on a construction site, we should be training ourselves to wear hearing protection when we are in loud environments. Damage due to certain noises can happen in as little as a few minutes. While there will always be noise at unexpected times that we can‘t prepare for, we can and should be preparing for the times we can.

Diana began her career at Frontenac Hearing Clinic in March 2002.  She is recognized by her smiling face as the first you see when you walk through our doors, as much as she is by her singing voice when she answers the phone. We owe much of our success to Diana, she runs a tight ship and keeps us on our toes.

Thanks Diana!

Look who’s back!

Frontenac Hearing Clinic is happy to announce Rachael is back in the clinic part time!  She has been off on maternity leave for almost a year.  While she has been away, she’s been busy gardening, baking and playing with her son Theodore.

Rachael loves to bake.  Rumour has it, that Theodore will be a big brother in 2021! We are overjoyed for Rachael and her husband Mat, and of course excited for Theodore!

Welcome back Rachael!

A letter from the owner:

My name is Peggy Plunkett, I am the owner and Hearing Instrument Specialist at Frontenac Hearing Clinic.

As we move back into what will be our new normal, I wanted to take the opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude.  First, I’d like to thank healthcare and front line workers around the world and specifically in our area, who are working tirelessly to care for people in need. Your selflessness does not go un-noticed.

I am genuinely grateful for our extremely understanding clientele during this time.  The people of Kingston never cease to amaze me with their kindness and compassion.  I am proud to be a part of this community.

Frontenac Hearing Clinic has been fortunate; in that we have been able to re-open and provide our services to those who are in need.  The clinic is currently open regular hours from 8-4 Monday to Friday.  We are now scheduling hearing tests and fittings.  We have also added a curbside care service to clients needing basic servicing and cleaning of their hearing aids.

Although things seem to be getting back to normal, things have certainly changed. We are ready to help you with any of your hearing health needs.  We have increased our sanitation procedures and wear personal protective equipment to protect our clients, and staff. Our appointments are a little more spread out to make room for sanitization of our rooms and equipment.  Even our waiting room has changed a little, with sneeze guards in place and physical barriers in place to make sure physical distancing is followed.

All the new changes and procedures make the days busy, but myself and my team are happy and thankful to be back.  We all look forward to seeing you back in the clinic.

Frontenac Hearing Clinic – Kingston Ontario

Not only do we provide individuals the opportunity to hear, we also provide many customized molds to protect your hearing and/or ears in a working or recreational environment.

Frontenac Hearing Clinic is Wheelchair Accessible

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