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“One of the reasons I came to the Frontenac Hearing Clinic (FHC) when I found myself in need of hearing aids, was because of the positive testimonials that I had read regarding FHC’s services. I am pleased to report that those testimonials were not in the least exaggerated. The obvious prevailing philosophy on the part of Peggy Plunkett, the owner of FHC, is that her customer’s satisfaction is her foremost concern. Towards achieving that goal, she took the time needed to assess my hearing impairment, and recommended a number of products which she let me try out on a trial basis. Her knowledge and experience proved invaluable in helping me arrive at my final choice. The end result is that I am a truly satisfied customer, and I know that should any problem crop up in the future, Peggy, will be there to help me solve them. I have no hesitation in recommending FHC to anyone in need of hearing aids.”


“Living with hearing loss is not fun. I have been using hearing aids from Frontenac Hearing for 4 years now. This family owned and operated business, have been wonderful to deal with. Their goal is to ensure you are completely happy with the hearing aids you purchase. They do not try to sell you only high end hearing aids, they ensure you get what is best for your hearing requirements. Customer service is also a huge part of their business and their success. Fine tuning the hearing aids after using them for a while has been very important and continues today. They have always been able to make changes to correct any issues I have raised. I currently wear my hearing aids for 12 – 15 hours every day. They have made a dramatic change in my ability to hear and function. Thank You Frontenac Hearing.”


Frontenac Hearing Clinic fitted me with a pair of hearing aids and my life was transformed! I cannot believe how great it is to once again hear so clearly. I had been missing so much. Some conversations were so frustrating that I’d give up and I frequently avoided specific noisy situations. I now can cope with background noises and participate in the conversations with family and friends, enjoy television without the volume at deafening levels and truly enjoy walks on our nature trails. After 8 months of enhanced hearing I know I would be lost without my hearing aids. I will never return to that mode of life!
This is possible thanks to Peggy Plunkett and her skill at identifying and prescribing the Bernafon hearing aids, which best met my requirements for enhanced hearing. These programmable hearing aids were customized to my specific needs for the different environments I encounter. The excellent follow up services focuses on fine-tuning to my current life style and usage. This ongoing optimization continues to improve my hearing enjoyment. The knowledge, care and personal approach to managing my hearing improvement program sets Frontenac Hearing Clinic above the large chain hearing services I previously used. The diligence of Peggy and the Frontenac Hearing Clinic team ensured the best hearing enhancement I could hope for. Again Thank You Peggy!


“There is a world of difference between Frontenac Hearing Centre (FHC) and others. At FHC I was treated as a special client and friend and not as a number. Peggy Plunkett took special care to ensure that my specific hearing impairment was addressed through a battery of tests. Peggy then came forward with several recommendations on hearing aids and the choice that I finally made has been excellent. I have had to go back numerous times for adjustments as my hearing impairment changed and Peggy always dealt with each technical issue with great professionalism and expertise. I feel that FHC is the best place to come to for hearing aids and the whole experience of tests, fitting and post fitting experience is extraordinary.”


“This was our first foray into the world of hi-tech hearing instruments as my wife’s five year old twin hearing aids were past their prime. Friends recommended the Frontenac Hearing Clinic so we took the one hour drive to Kingston and met with Ms. Peggy Plunkett. We were not disappointed. Ms. Plunkett was extremely knowledgeable about all hearing assistance products and even, loaned us a couple of hearing aids for a few hours to do a test run. Her knowledge, professionalism, courtesy and compassion were just a few of her strong points and after a complete and full consultation we decided to go with two Bernafon hearing aids. The price was extremely fair, the set-up and follow up appointments were well worth the drive and we are completely satisfied with the quality of the product and especially happy with the total, and complete, customer service provided by the Frontenac Hearing Clinic, and especially Ms. Peggy Plunkett.”


“I am writing to recommend the services of the Frontenact Hearing Clinic. I have been a customer of the Frontenac Hearing Clinic since June, 2000 and have always been completely satisfied. Their performance is excellent, are always punctual and they offer the most competitive rates in Kingston. 

When phoning for appointments and/or information, I have found the office staff to be very organized, efficient and extremely competent. I have also enjoyed an excellent rapport with the entire staff.

Every visit to the Frontenac Hearing Clinic has been non stressful. The Hearing Instrument Specialist, Peg Plunkett, is always professional. She takes the time to explain every detail to you, including the testing, the fitting of hearing aids and most importantly, completes all the paperwork for you including your Medical Insurance coverage, the forms for government coverage, etc. ”


I recently got hearing aids from Frontenac Hearing Clinic.  Not wanting to know that hearing aids were necessary at this stage of my life, the staff especially Peggy were sensitive to my feelings on the matter.  The information was provided in a straight forward and easily understood manner.  Questions were answered promptly.  There were also immediate responses to subsequent inquiries.  I found the entire staff to be friendly and willing to be of assistance.  I would highly recommend them.


Frontenac Hearing Clinic – Kingston Ontario

Not only do we provide individuals the opportunity to hear, we also provide many customized molds to protect your hearing and/or ears in a working or recreational environment.

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