Frontenac Hearing Clinic, Kingston, Ontario provides free hearing tests.

Kingston Hearing Aid Clinic Services

At Frontenac Hearing Clinic we will take you through all the steps to ensure you are getting the maximum you can from your hearing. We will evaluate your case history, assess your hearing, evaluate your hearing aid, prescribe a hearing aid, fit the hearing aid and continue with follow-ups. We will also recommend appropriate assistive listening devices.

We believe in a world in which people with restricted hearing can communicate again without limitation thanks to advanced audiology technology.

So if you are looking for a top quality hearing clinic, with the best hearing aid devices and unmatched customer service, Frontenac Hearing Clinic is the perfect place for you.

Hearing Aid Device Services

We offer a wide range of services to ensure we can fill all your hearing needs. Our goal at Frontenac Hearing Clinic is to offer quality hearing care to you. We will work to find the best solution to all aspects of your hearing needs.

This will be provided through services such as:

  • Reviewing your case history
  • Hearing assessments
  • Hearing aid evaluations
  • Hearing aid recommendations
  • Hearing aid fittings and follow-ups.

For all eligible recipients with valid Ontario Health Cards, we will work directly with ADP (Ministry of Health).

We will also deal directly with other government funding parties such as:

  • VAC, Veterans Affairs Canada
  • WSIB, Recipients for Noise Induced Hearing Loss
  • MCSS, Ministry of Community and Social Services
  • ODSP, Ontario Disability Support Program
  • Ontario Works, Social Services

Frontenac Hearing Clinic can facilitate the process for third party insurance.