Hearing Aid Devices and Products

We carry all makes and models of all hearing aid manufacturers:
• Bernafon • ReSound • Oticon • Phonak • Siemens • Starkey • Unitron • Widex

Our concern for your safety in your daily activities comes first. Having a hearing aid helps with communicating to others as well as hearing your enviromental surroundings.

Customized ear plugs
Not only do we provide individuals the opportunity to hear, we also provide many customized molds to protect your hearing and/or ears.

These items include:

  • Myringotomy Plugs/Swim Plugs (Water prevention)
  • Musician Plugs (To attenuate levels of sound to protect hearing)
  • Noise Defenders (Protect hearing in very loud enviroments)
  • Sleep EZ (Block out sound to have a more comfortable sleep)
  • Pilot Molds (To attach to pilots head sets)
  • Sound System Molds (For Musicians)

We are Distributors for these Hearing Devices:

Bernafon Head Aid Products
Bernafon - 60 Years of Innovative Hearing Solutions from Switzerland Bernafon's mission is to help people to hear better. Sophistication in engineering and the endless effort to improve knowledge has lifted Bernafon up into a leading position in Hearing Aid manufacturing. 60 Years of High quality Innovations.

Veterans Affairs Canada
VAC - We provide exemplary, client-centered services and benefits that respond to the needs of veterans, our other clients and their families, in recognition of their services to Canada; and to keep the memory of their achievements and sacrifices alive for all Canadians.

GN ReSound hearing instruments
GN Resound - We are dedicated to providing the industry's most advanced technology; whether it be for digital or non-digital hearing instruments, for hearing instrument wearers or hearing healthcare professionals.

Obicon independent research centre.
Oticon - If you'd like deeper insight into history and the independent research centre Eriksholm, visit this section for more information.

Phonak Group
Phonak Group - Product leadership and innovation have always been key factors in the success of the Phonak Group.

Sivantos - The Hearing Company
Sivantos (formerly Siemens Hearing Instruments) is located in a new, state-of-the-art facility. Manufacturing, sales, service and support are provided from our modern geographically centralized facility in Ontario, in order to best serve hearing health care professionals from coast to coast.

Starkey Laboratories Hearing Instruments
Starkey Laboratories - the world's largest manufacturer of hearing instruments, published this site to answer basic questions and dispel the myths that continue to make seeking treatment something of a stigma. Hopefully it provides information that will empower you, or someone close to you, to consult with a hearing professional to learn even more.

Unitron Hearing Instruments
Unitron Hearing - We are committed to making life better for people with hearing loss. We're listening and responding - to what matters in your life.

Widex hearing loss products
Widex - we are committed to giving people with hearing loss a better quality of life ? through research, development and production of hearing aids as well as through comprehensive information. This has made Widex a world leader in digital hearing aid manufacturing.

Workplace Safety Insurance Board
WSIB - Our vision is to eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses. To help make that vision a reality, we promote the sharing and use of information and resources that help workplaces.